Friday, August 29, 2014

Hi there,

Who has not heard that laughter is a common remedy for all ailments? Scholars always advise us to leave some room for it in our daily life. No matter how dire our life may seem at a given moment, never forget to take a break to laugh. Not only will we feel better, but we'll live longer. Who doesn't want it?
Enjoy what comes following,

Park in the sun

Park in the sun
In reality I don’t have such a long time on this world.
Between the eternity before my birth and the eternity
after my death, I am given such a short time for parking
on our little planet.
I have my own parking meter.
I can’t put back its hand. Neither can I make it give me
more time by popping in a few more coins.
My parking time here is relentlessly limited. There is
not a single thing I can do about it. My life is like  my
name written in the sand: a tiny breeze and it is gone.
So what should you do?
Don’t whatever you do cry about it. Try to park your
life in the sun and not in a wasps’ nest of quarrels and
wrangles, of nerve-wracking worries and problems.
Make beautiful days! Be enthusiastic about light, about
life,about good people and about good things. Be
friendly and warm to the old man who knows that his
parking time is nearly over. Be warm towards the sick,
the handicapped, the dispossessed, the disillusioned,
the cheated and the many unhappy folk who no longer
have a place in the sun.Make beautiful days for them
and for the people around you. You have to do
nothing more to be happy in yourself.

Park in the sun and the parking meter tick.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hi there,

There is always a problem with certain verbs in English. Sometimes it is not easy to choose the best option between them. Following are a few of those verbs. Try your best to give the right answer.
We will see them together no sooner than next week from today.
I wish you all a very nice evening.



Q1 You must decide and ……. up your mind.

(a) do                             (b) get                         (c) make                         (d) take

Q2 What time do you …….. up in the morning?

(a) do                             (b) get                        (c) make                                (d) take

Q3 At the moment we are trying to ……. for the town centre.

(a) do                              (b) get                        (c) make                           (d) take

Q4 After they had shouted at each other, they decided to ……… it up.

(a) do                                (b) get                   (c) make                         (d) take

Q5 They are very good friends and ……. on well with each other.

(a) do                              (b) get                       (c) make                  (d) take

Q6 The firm has expanded and they want to …… on extra staff.

(a) do                                (b) get                         (c) make                  (d) take

Q7 She’s good at writing stories for children and is always keen to …… up new plots.

(a) do                             (b) get                                  (c) make                (d) take

Q8 As we don’t have much money at the moment, we’ve decided to …….. without certain luxuries.

(a) do                               (b) get                         (c) make                   (d) take

Q9 We mustn’t be late this morning because today is when the new boss is going to …… over.

(a) do                          (b) get                                   (c) make                 (d) take

Q10 Most of the telephone lines were destroyed in the storm last night and so it’s almost impossible to …… through to anybody today.

(a) do                             (b) get                                    (c) make                        (d) take

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” 
― Albert Einstein

 The little red hen and the fox 

One day the Big Black Fox said to his mother, “I am hungry. What is there in the house to eat?”
“Not a bite or a sip, “said Mother Fox.
“Well then, said the Big Black Fox, “ put a big kettle of water on the boil. This morning I shall go after the Little Red Hen.”
    So off he started with a sack slung over his shoulder, in which he planned to bring back the Little Red Hen.
Now the Little Red Hen had gone out to hunt some large, juicy worms for breakfast, and she had left the door of her little  house open. So when the Big Black Fox came sneaking up with his sack over his shoulder, he slipped right into the house and hid.
“Aha!” said he. :I won’t be long before the Little Red Hen comes back. Then what a delicious breakfast we shall have, Mother Fox and I.”
   Soon  the Little Red Hen came back with seven juicy worms for her breakfast. She stepped inside the house and stopped short. She knew immediately that something was wrong. But, before she could think what it was wrong. But, before she could think what it was, the Big Black Fox jumped out from his hiding place.
   Quicker than a wink the Little Red Hen dropped her seven juicy worms and fluttered up to the high mantel above her fireplace.
  “Come down!” cried the Big Black Fox.
But the Little Red Hen was too smart for that. “Not I , “she said. “I am safer up here.”
I know a way to fix that, “said the Fox, and he started to run around and around and around in a circle.
The poor Little Red Hen watched him, wondering what he was up to. And the longer she watched him circling, the dizzier she got. Finally she was so dizzy that she troppled right off the mantel.
     Chuckling wickedly, the Big Black Fox stuffed her into his sack and started for home. It was a long walk and a hot day, and the Little Red Hen was a heavy load, so the Big Black Fox had to stop often to rest. Once he stopped a moment too long, and he fell sound asleep.
     The Little Red Hen heard the fox begin to snore.
“This is my chance, “She thought.
She reached into her apron pocket,where she kept her scissors and needle and thread. Then snip, snip, she cut a hole in the sack big enough to wriggle through.
  “Now for a big stone,” she said to herself.
  She found one at last, just her own size.
This she rolled into the sack: then she sewed up the slit she had cut.
     Then off she went, lickety split, faster than she had ever gone before. She hurried back home. Once inside she closed the door behind her, locked it, and double locked it.
And she locked the back door too.
“Oh dear, the water must be all boiled away by now, :he said. “I must hurry home.”
When he had taken just a few steps, though, he noticed how heavy his sack was.
  “What a plump, juicy little hen she must be,” he thought, chuckling.
      When he got home, his mother was watching anxiously for him.

“You’ve been gone so long.” She complained, “that I’ve had to keep it from all boiling away. Sure enough, there was a great cloud of steam coming from the kettle. Good, said the Big Black Fox when he saw this. Now you hold  the cover off while I dump the Little Red Hen into the pot. But instead  of the Little Red Hen, the steaming  kettle , throwing boiling water all over the Big Black Fox and his mother. That was enough for those two bad foxes. Never again did they bother the Little Red Hen in her little house in the woods.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Simple flowers will do

Why have so many people got nothing to live for?
Because they have no friendships.
Because they don’t know anybody who likes them.
Because nowhere do they find
an ounce of sympathy and affection.
Because a flower never blooms for them.
And yet flowers work wonders!
No need for expensive or rare flowers.
Common simple flowers will do-
a smile, a kind word, a simple gesture.
The smallest tiniest flower
given with a warm heart
tells a lovely story.
A pure, sweet story about a small piece of heaven-on earth,
where the people seem like angels,
where, for every anxiety
for every pain and for each tear,
there is a soft comfort,
where the people, like flowers, bloom for each other.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Good evening there,

I wish you all a very good week to come full of smiles and happy thoughts. 
Following you will find a number of exercises to do when there is nothing else to be done.
Enjoy your evening.



Q1 As soon as the doctor looked at her, he was able to  …… the cause of her frequent headaches.

(a) decide                      (b) diagnose                      (c) define                        (d) describe

Q2 Treatment of this particular disorder was beyond the doctor’s capability and he ……. the patient to a specialist.

(a) referenced                   (b) diagnose                     (c) define                      (d) describe

Q3 He left the surgery feeling a lot better than when he arrived because the doctor had reassured him that his condition was not …….

(a) clear                   (b) serious                    (c) determined                      (d) possible

Q4 The doctor took out of her bag an unusual ……. but promised her young patient that it would not hurt her.

(a) utensil                          (b) method                           (c) control                           (d) instrument

Q5 I must confess I feel much better today, as I have found that the medication prescribed has been most ……

(a) effecting                     (b) effects                        (c) effective                       (d) affective

Q6 Under the policy of the new health regulations if you decide to cancel your …….. and don’t notify the surgery, you will be fined.

(a) meeting                      (b) appointment                        (c) rendezvous                    (d) date

Q7 Before she was allowed to leave the hospital , a physiotherapist had to …… the extent of her mobility.

(a) assume                      (b) accept                     (c) assess                  (d) assert

Q8 The treatment has proved very successful but to check progress he has to arrange to visit the doctor’s ……
(a) usually                (b) always                        (c) principally                   (d) annually

Q9 It is much easier to ……. an illness than it is to cure it.

(a) prepare                     (b) prevent                    (c) postpone                     (d) prefer

Q10 Before they could start any kind of treatment, they had to write to the previous hospital in order to obtain her ……

(a) writings                 (b) prescriptions                 (c) records                    (d) recordings

Sunday, August 24, 2014

There is  a simple message to everyone:'Don't forget the flowers!"

Where have the flowers gone?

Tell me.
Where  have the flowers gone?
The flowers of delight in life,
the flowers of pretty and nice things
In the TV reports, the newspapers
and in daily conversation?
They died and suffocated under an avalanche of news
about hatred, violence, murder and petty scandals.
Nobody has seen the flowers.
Nobody has heard about them.
They died and suffocated in the wallets
of sensation-seekers
and on the lips of doom-prophets.
Tell me.
Where have the flowers gone?
The flowers of little things done for each other.
The flowers of being a gift for each other.
The husband for his wife,
The wife for her husband
All people for each other.
They have died in our self-will,
suffocated in our so-ridiculous sensitivity,
in or mini household cold-wars.
Tell me.
Where have the flowers gone
of that tiny bit of happy security
we can offer each other?
You have a heart,
And there’s a human being who needs you.
Bring on the flowers!
Call to the Spring. Meet the sun.
Let yourself be captured by the wonder of light
and life.
Look at the skylark
who sings so high in the air.
Do you know why?
Because he doesn’t have to pay any rent!
Look up at he sky and sing,
because the sun is free

and it shines for you.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hi everyone,

It was really relaxing today. Only a few things to do. There were quite a few people to see and this is what I was told by one of them:

"Remember that if you have walked through a park and have not seen the flowers there but have simply been amazed by the number of people going back and forth, you have not felt the breath of life, so live life more abundantly with closer contact with the life power in the nature".

Enjoy the following lines.


A spoilt day

I will never be happy
if I have no control over my emotions,
if my day is spoilt
by a scratch on my car,
an angry word at home,
a mini-crisis at work,
an unkept appointment,
a less-than-perfect result,
a wrinkled stocking
or a crooked tie.
I will never be happy
if I am the victim of my own emotions,

a slave of my own desires,
a prisoner of overgrown expectations.