Monday, October 20, 2014

 The following story comes to you from the collection of bedtime stories. Hope you enjoy reading it.

The Three Little Pigs

 Once upon a time there was a mother pig who had three little pigs. As the little pigs grew up, there were more mouths than the mother pig could feed, so she decided to send the young ones out into the world to make their fortunes.
One fine morning the three little pigs started out into the wide world, each along a different road.
   The first pig walked along in the wide world until he met a man with a load of straw.
  “Please, Mr. Man, “said the first little pig.
“give me some straw to build me a little house”.
  The man gave the first little pig some straw, and he built himself a house.
         The first little pig was no more than settled in his straw house when a wicked wolf came along.
  “Little pig, little pig, let me in, let me in!”
 he called.
“Not by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin!” answered the first little pig.
   “If you don’t,” said the wolf, “I’ll huff and I’ll blow your house in!”
But the first little pig wouldn’t.
So the wolf huffed
   and he puffed
            and he blew the house in,
                       and he ate up the first little pig.
         Now the second little pig walked along in the wide world until he met a man load of sticks.
“Please, Mr.Man,”said the second little pig, “give me some stick to build  a little house”.
  The man gave the second little pig some sticks, and he built himself a house.
  The second little pig was no more than settled in his house of sticks when along came the wicked wolf.
   “Little pig, little pig, let me in, let me in!”
he called.

“Not by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin!” answered the second little pig.
 “If you don’t” said the wolf I’ll blow your house in”
  But the second little pig wouldn’t.
 So the wolf huffed
        and he puffed
                   and he blew the house in,
                           and he ate up the second little pig.
Now the third little pig walked along in the wide world until he met a man with a load of bricks.
  “Please, Mr.Man,” said the third little pig, “give me some bricks to build  a little house.”
  The man gave the third little pig some bricks, and he built himself a house.
  The third little pig was no more than settled in his house of bricks when along came the wolf.
“Little pig, little pig, let me in, let me in!”
he called.
“Not by the hair of chinny, chin, chin!” answered the third little pig.
  “If you don’t, said the wolf, I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house in!”
  But the third little pig wouldn’t.
     So the wolf huffed
                 and he puffed
                          and he huffed
                                      but he couldn’t blow the
                                                     house in.
Then the wicked wolf slunk off, muttering to himself, “Little pig, little pig, I’ll catch you yet!” Soon he was back at the little pig’s door.
“Little pig,” he called in his friendliest voice, “if you will meet me in Farmer Brown’s garden at six o’clock tomorrow morning I will show you where the finest turnips grow.”
  The next morning the little pig got up at five o’clock and hurried to Farmer Brown’s garden. By the time the wolf came at six, the little pig was safe and sung at home again, with his turnips on the stove.
  So the wicked wolf slunk off, muttering to himself, “Little pig, little pig, I’ll catch you yet”. Soon he was back at the little pig’s door.
“Little pig,” he called in his friendliest voice,”if you will meet me in Farmer Brown’s  orchard at five o’clock tomorrow morning I will show you where the finest apples are.”
   The next morning the little pig got up at four o’clock and hurried to Farmer Brown’s orchard. But he was still up in an apple tree when he saw the wolf coming, down below.
“Ah, so you have found the apples, little pig,” grinned the wolf, thinking he had trapped the little pig at last.
   “Yes, won’t you try one?”said the little pig, and he threw down a big red apple to the wolf.
   But he threw it so hard that it rolled down a big hill and the wolf had to go running after it. While the wolf was running, the little pig scrambled down and ran home with his basket full.
          When the wolf found he had been fooled the slunk off, muttering to  himself, “Little pig, little pig, I’ll catch you yet. “Soon he was back at the little pig’s door.
“Little pig,” he called, still in his friendliest voice, “tomorrow there is a fair in the village. If you will meet me there is a fair in the village. If you will me there at three o’clock I will show you the best bargains.”
The next day the little pig got to the fair at two o’clock and bought himself a  new butter churn. He was just starting home with it when he saw the wolf coming up the road.
The little pig had nowhere else to hide so he jumped into the churn, and away he went, rolling down the hill toward the wolf.
    The wolf was so frightened that he ran as fast as he could go.
 The little pig in his churn rolled straight on home.
    When the wolf found he had been fooled again he slunk off, muttering worse than ever, “Little pig, little pig, I’ll catch you this time.” So he climbed up on the little pig’s roof and called down the chimney, “Now little pig, I am coming down to eat you up.”
 “Oh, are you?” the little pig called back, and he took the lid off a huge pot of water bubbling on the fire, just as the wolf jumped down the chimney.

    Down tumbled the wolf right into the boiling water. Then the little pig popped the cover back onto the pot, and that was the end of wolf.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Your words can heal, and unfortunately, cause much harm. It's up to you to choose what words to use. If you need a piece of advice try the first action.

Words are weapons

Take care when you speak in judgement.
Words are powerful weapons,
which can cause a lot of tragedies.
Never make a person look a fool with your tongue.
Never make a person look small with your big mouth.

A hard word , a sharp word,
can burn a long time,
deep in the heart, leaving a scar.
Accept that others are different,
think differently, act differently,
feel differently , speak differently.

Be mild and healing  with your words.
Words should be ‘lights’.
Words should calm, bring people together,
bring peace.

Where  words are weapons,
people face each other like enemies.

Life is much too short,
and our world is much too tiny                                          
to turn it into a battlefield.

"Lord help me
to keep my big mouth shut,
I know what I want
to say


Monday, October 13, 2014


Q1 This story is …… on an incident that actually happened.

(a) founded            (b) grounded          (c) based              (d) established

Q2 I’m afraid I shan’t be ……. to come on Tuesday because of a prior engagement.

(a) capable                            (b) able                      (c) can                        (d) possible

Q3 You can easily tell that this document …… from the 12th century because of a distinctive script.

(a) holds                         (b) trails                          (c) lasts                           (d) dates

Q4 I’m sorry to tell you but she is simply …… that this will be the result but she has no actual proof.

(a) daydreaming  (b) hallucinating     (c) hypothesizing   (d) dithering

Q5 I do apologize for talking to you a minute ago only I ….. you for one of my colleagues, who looks 
exactly like you.

(a) mistook                       (b) accepted                      (c) believed                      (d) thought

Q6 It’s a waste of time asking them for their opinion as they’re bound to object because they’ve been ….. against the idea from the start.

(a) subjective                       (b) derogative                      (c) conscious                             (d) prejudiced

Q7 I asked you to bring back a different one but you’ve brought a similar one back that’s exactly the 
……. as the first one.

(a) equivalent                     (b) apparent                     (c) same                       (d) identical

Q8 The main quality that is required of someone holding that kind of job is to have the …… to get on with people.

(a) task                          (b) ability                            (c) requirement                       (d) need

Q9 They couldn’t hold their meeting in the open air …… of the heavy rain.

(a) because                        (b) but                       (c) since                         (d) for

Q10 I always let her handle that kind of situation because she’s very good at…… with difficult clients.

(a) taking                     (b) bringing                (c) tackling                         (d) dealing

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The lion and the mouse

One day as the lion lay sleeping in his lair, a little mouse, not knowing where he was going, ran over the lion’s nose. With a roar the lion awoke, and clapped his paw over the tiny creature. 

Now I shall kill you, worthless little mouse, thundered the lion. Oh, good sir, squeaked the frightened little mouse. 
I meant no harm, I assure you. Nothing was further from my thoughts than to disturb your majesty. 
Please spare my life, for I am not even worthy of your attention. 

The lion, smiling at his little prisoner’s fright, lifted his paw and watched the mouse scamper away.  
Months later, the lion was ranging the woods, staliking his prey, when he fell into a running trap made of ropes and placed there by hunters. I can never escape, thought the unhappy lion, threshing about hopelessly. Oh, woe is me, And he set up a roar that filled the jungle with its echo. 
The little mouse , scampering about his own little business, recognized the voice of lion who had spared his life and ran to the spot. 
Without wasting a moment, the mouse set to work nibbling the ropes that held the lion. And before the hunters came to inspect their trap was free. 
I thank you, good mouse, said the lion. I see now that any kindness we can do is always worth while. I shall remember the lesson you have taught me.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


In those opulent glass and concrete buildings,
pompous men sit heavily in their seats. I see them
sitting in dead earnest endlessly discussing their
weighty and petty problems. The files pile up. They
grow like some gigantic fungus. The cabinets fill up.
The offices fill up. The whole world fills up, until it
becomes completely dark! What do you think we can
achieve with that kind of world?

Why don’t people burst out
in fits of loud laughter
at large meetings,
or watching TV, or at important receptions,
when they see
how deadly serious some people are
as they build up their own importance
and struggle to keep up a fa├žade.
Why don’t people laugh
when they see
others who lose themselves in the labyrinth
of their own little vanities,
where in a pseudo-scientific way
and with a frightening earnestness
they devalue the real worth of life
and in its place

cultivate a narrow-minded selfishness?

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pergjigjet per ushtrimet e meposhteme do ti kini ne tabelen e mesimit ne oren tjeter. Provoni te jepni pergjigjet tuaja per te bere krahasimet me miqte tuaj. 

Kush i shikon per here te pare keto ushtrime eshte i keshilluar te ndjeke edhe ushtrimet e dhena me pare ne kete faqe.



Q1 He always follows that old….. : early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

(a) phrase                     (b) ballad                        (c) adage                          (d) analogy

Q2 If you invest that money, you will find it will grow and……. interest.

(a) agree                      (b) adapt                       (c) apart                          (d) accrue

Q3 People often ask her how she manages to stay slim and she always tells them she is very careful 
in the amount she eats to the point of being …….

(a) abbreviated                     (b) abstemious                      (c) actuated                   (d) abrupt

Q4 You must react now and not just be ……. as if there is nothing wrong.

(a) complacent                         (b) combining                      (c) combative                  (d) concerning

Q5 I find these mathematical puzzles too …… and prefer the more straightforward type.

(a) abject                           (b) abortive                   (c) abounding                    (d) abstruse

Q6 There was no use changing her mind as she was quite ….. about her decision and wouldn’t consider 
any alternative.

(a) attractive                        (b) attentive               (c) adamant                  (D) adjoined

Q7 It was quite obvious that he was drunk because he coulnd’t finish his sentences and his speech was not …….

(a) contented                     (c) conherent                       (c) convinced                     (d) convoluted

Q8 The strings on the puppet were all intertwined and it took us ages to …… them.

(a) disentangle                         (b) distribute                   (c) disturb                    (d) distend

Q9 There are really too many political parties in this election as there are so many small groups or.....

(a) fictions                   (b) fanatics                        (c) fusion                        (d) fractions

Q10 He liked to play the …… and would invariably dress up in the most outrageous clothes.

(a) eclectic                       (b) eccentric                  (c) evasive                       (d) evolved

Monday, September 29, 2014

The tortoise and the hare

There was once a hare who was always boasting of his speed. There is no one in the forest who can run as fast as I can, he told everyone, strutting up and down. Who wants to race me. The other animals were tired of hearing his boasting, but no one ever offered to race him until one day the turtle spoke up. I will race with you, he said in his slow way. The hare burst out laughing, and all the animals looked surprised, for everyone knew the turtle was the slowest of them all. Oho, chuckled the hare. That is a good joke. 

Why, I can beat you without half trying. Wait until you have won before you start to boast, said the turtle. 

So the race course was laid out, and all the animals gathered to see the start. The hare bounded off in  a great burst of speed that left the poor turtle far behind in the dust. Soon the hare looked back. Finding that he could not even see the turtle coming any more , he lay down in the shade of a big tree beside the road to wait a bit, just to make the finish of the race more exciting. 

But waiting made the hare sleepy, and he decided to snatch just a two-minute nap. The two minutes stretched on and on and still the hare slept in the shade of the big tree. All this time the turtle was plodding along the hot, dusty road. He came ever so slowly, but he kept right at it, and soon he passed the hare sleeping by the roadside. The turtle crawled past without making a sound to wake  the careless hare. 

When the hare finally woke up with a start, the line, far ahead, while all the animals stood by cheering. The hare had lost the race by being careless and cocky he could never boast again, and all the animals were glad of that.