Friday, September 19, 2014

Following you will find the same line of stories as before. It is taken from the bedtime story collection. Hope you enjoy reading it.

   The stray, the coal, and the bean

There was once an old woman who picked a mess of beans and made ready to cook them. She built a coal fire on her hearth, with a handful of straw to make it burn better. When the water in the beanpot began to bubble, one of the beans popped out and fell to the hearth. Near it lay a straw, which had fallen there, and soon a red-hot coal jumped out of the fire and joined them. The straw was the first to speak. How did you come here? He asked. I jumped out of the fire, answered the coal. 
If I hadn’t I should certainly have been burned to ashes. If the old woman had kept me in the pot, said the bean, I should have been cooked to pulp. My fate would have been no better, said the straw. All my brothers have turned to fire and smoke, and I would have been with them if I had not slipped through the old woman’s fingers.What shall we do now? Said the coal. I suggest that we go out into the world together answered the bean, since we have all been so lucky as to escape with our lives. The others agreed to this, and all three started out together. Soon they came to a tiny brook, without a bridge or stepping stones. They could not think how to get to the other side until the straw said: I will lay myself across, and you can go over me as if I were a bridge. Then the straw stretched himself from bank to bank, and the coal trotted out on the new bridge. When he got to the center, below suddenly filled him with terror, and he could not go another step. Gradually the straw got hotter and hotter and , until it charred and broke in two and fell in the brook. The  coal slipped down, hissing into the water and disappeared. The bean, which had been waiting on the bank, could not help laughing at this funny sight. 
It laughed and laughed until it burst. And would  have been the end of the bean, if the tailor traveling from town to town had not stopped to rest himself by the brook. He picked up the bean , took out a stout needle and black thread , and stitched it together again. And ever since, all beans have had a black seam.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happiness is a choice, it is not a chance.

Because man follows the rhythm of the sea.

A human life is so wonderful, so unbelievable.
Year in year out,
day in day out, you move among people and things.
Some days the sun shines and you don’t know why.
You are at peace.
You see only the warm and good sides of life.
You laugh, you dance, you give thanks.
You work seems easy. You get on well with everyone.
You don’t know why. Perhaps you are sleeping well…
Maybe you’ve found a close friend
or you have a sense of security…
You would like this time of calm and deep joy
to last forever.
But suddenly everything changes.
It is almost as if too bright  a sun
has bought on the clouds.
 A kind of indefinable sadness comes over you.
Everything seems black,
You think that no one likes you anymore.
Any trifling thing seems to give you a reason to complain,
to grumble, to be jealous or to reproach.
You think things will go on and on like this,
That this mood will never lift.
And once again you don’t know why.
Perhaps you are tired.
You don’t understand it. Why must it be this way?
Because a human being is a piece of ‘nature’,
interwoven with days of Spring and days of Autumn,
With the warmth of the Summer and the cold of Winter.
Because man follows the rhythm of the sea-
ebb and flow.
Because our existence is a continuous repetition
of ‘living’ and ‘dying’.

If you grasp this, you can carry on,
with courage and trust.
for then you know in yourself that after every night
a new morning will come.
If you can accept this, you will be able to live through
the regular rhythm of ‘up’ and ‘down’,
more deeply, and with a sense of joy.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Q1 What …… be doing this time tomorrow?

(a) were you                  (b) did you                    (c) have you                  (d) will you

Q2 …… go if you like because I have to do some shopping.

(a) I’m                       (b) I’d                   (c) I’ll                       (d) I’ve

Q3 I…… simply wait until  she comes back.

(a) was                       (b) am                        (c) shall                     (d) do

Q4 He was quite definite about it and assured me he …… come.

(a) wil                            (b) shall                       (c) should                      (d) would

Q5 If they …… arrive late, they will have to get their own metal.

(a) do                            (b) had                        (c) would                      (d) will

Q6 I really hope I …… see you again.

(a) did                                 (b) shall                       (c) should                          (d) would

Q7 What …… happen to the family if he loses all his money?

(a) does                            (b) did                          (c) will                             (d) is

Q8 ……. be buying the house or haven’t you decided yet ?

(a) Did you                          (b) Have you                       (c) Were you                        (d) Will you

Q9 I’m sure they …… get married and live happily ever afterwards.

(a) did                         (b) have                         (c) will                      (d) would

Q10 What do you ……  to do when you leave school ?

(a) wanted                          (b) wanting                          (c) wants                             (d) want

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dear students,

I hope this evening is a little bit different from all those ones passed through the last three months. Such feelings seldom come into one's life. I think excitement is what is on the way for all those who go to school tomorrow. 
Having the feeling that you are doing something, is a great movement. Actually you are.
Good luck with the new season. Enjoy these days because they run fast.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Start each day with positive thinking and keep smiling all day.

The following page is my greeting to you today.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

 “He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.” ― Socrates

 The three wishes

There once was a poor woodsman who worked hard to provide a living for himself and his wife. One day, as he was about to cut down a fine oak tree, a mall voice cried: Please don’t cut down my tree! The woodsman, in great surprise, stopped and looked about him. He saw no one so one more he lifted his axe. Just as he started to swing it, however, he heard the voice again: Please Mr. Woodsman, don’t harm my tree! 
Again the woodsman stopped, and this time he looked very hard for the owner of the voice. But still he could find no one, and once more he raised his axe. Just then there appeared before him a little man dressed all in green. Don’t , I beg of you, cut down my tree, said the little man. It is my home, and if it is destroyed I shall have nowhere to live. The woodsman, who was a kindly man, agreed, and the little man in green was so grateful that he told the woodsman that he would grant him the first three wishes he and his wife might make, whatever they were. 

The poor man , overjoyed at his good fortune, thanked his little friend and rushed home to tell his wife. Just think, he exclaimed. Now we can have the cottage, the cow, and the chickens for which we have always wished. Stupid, replied his wife. If we can have whatever we like, why not wish for something far finer? I could be a queen and you a prince, and we could live in a golden castle with crystal windows. But the man had his heart set on a pretty cottage. If he had to have a fine castle , he saw no reason why it must be of gold. And so he and his wife argued all day and far into naught about what they should wish for. The fire in the stove went out, and neither of them thought of eating. 

Late at night, though , the woodsman suddenly realized that he had not eaten all day. My , but I am hungry, he said. I do wish I had a bit of sausage. And there in front of him appeared the most delicious-looking sausage you can imagine. Idiot, cried his wife, almost weeping with anger. You have used up your first wish. You and your stupid sausage. Now the woodsman began to lose patience. Oh, I wish the sausage were on the end of your nose, he cried. And there was the sausage, long and shiny, hanging from the end of his wife’s nose. The poor woman burst into tears of rage. Now your second wish is gone, she cried. But we can still have your castle, said the woodcutter, half frightened at what had happened. Don’t you dare wish for a castle, screamed his wife. What kind of a fine lady would I make this sausage on my nose? You get it off. So the woodsman said solemnly, I wish the sausage were off the end of my wife’s nose. Instantly the sausage disappeared into the air, and the woodcutter and his wife sat there in silence. 
They had had their three wishes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

  • People without faces, without hearts
  • Can I warn you
    against the coldness
    that has come over our world?
    A coldness which has frozen so many people.
    People live alone
    in a dry desert of people;
    like ants,
    in shops and streets,
    in trains and buses
    and rented rooms.
    People without faces,
    without hearts.